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Today's Stories

June 10 / 11, 2006
Weekend Edition

Robert Fisk
Zarqawi's End is not a Famous Victory

June 9, 2006

Alexander Cockburn
Make-Up for a Corpse!: In a Month Zarqawi will be Forgotten and the War Will Rage On

Paul Craig Roberts
War Criminal Nation: You'd Better Shut Up!

Gary Leupp
The Iran Deal: Come Down or Set Up?

Eric Ruder
Police Torture in America: the Chicago Files

Evelyn Pringle
The Noe Drama: Was the Ohio Vote Rigged?

Mickey Z.
America: Land of Denial

Michael J. Smith
Our Man in Kos; They're Not in Kansas, Anymore

Patrick Cockburn
The Short, Strange Career of Abu Masab al-Zarqawi

Website of the Day
Georgia ... Bush


June 8, 2006

Chris Floyd
Hubub in Hibhib: the Timely Death of al-Zarqawi

Michael Dickinson
Criminal Collage: the Bush Dog Case

Ron Jacobs
You Can't Call Me Zarqawi, Any More

William S. Lind
The Power of Weakness, Again: Haditha, 4GW and the Abu Ghraib Precedent

Joshua Frank
From Bush to Hillary: Holding the War Parties Accountable

Missy Comley Beattie
Ann Coulter and Rev. Fred Phelps: a Romance

Lloyd Williams
Ann Coulter's Blood Lust

Bill Christison
Proviing the Case: What Bush Wants is More War

Website of the Day
Bedtime for Bono?


June 7, 2006

Dave Lindorff
The Iraq Money Trail: the Case of the Missing $21 Billion

Sunsara Taylor
CDC to Women: Prepare to Give Birth!

John Walsh
Flunking the Art of War: Master Sun-Tzu, President Hu and Bush

David MacMichael
No More Hadithas

Mickey Z.
Haditha and Rumsfeld's Ratio

Evelyn Pringle
Gagging Public Employees

Myles Palmer
Dark Star Chasm: a Sneak Peak at Roger Waters' Dark Side of the Moon Tour

Laura Ribeiro
The Israeli Boycott of Palestinian Education

Website of the Day
Thank You, Lt. Ehren Watada


June 6, 2006

Diane Christian
Negatives: Torture, Massacres and Denial

Paul Craig Roberts
Outsourcing Smarts: the Death of US Engineering

Ralph Nader
The Battle for South Central Farm

Norman Solomon
The Urbanity of Evil: Tariq Aziz and Bush's Enablers

Darmont / Genovali
Wolf Sterilization Scheme Backfires

Manuel Garcia, Jr.
Blacks, Hispanics and Immigrant Bashing for Colonial Control

Subcomandante Marcos
The Other Campaign: a Plan for Action on June 11, 2006

Patrick Cockburn
Bloodbath Beyond the Green Zone

Website of the Day
Greatest Music Video?


June 5, 2006

Bruce Jackson
Why Haditha Happened

Chris Floyd
Return to Ishaqi: the Pentagon's Shaky Self-Exoneration

Michael Neumann
Jewish Opposition to Zionism

Heather Gray
War in the 20th Century: a Canadian Family's Experience

William Hughes
Bipartisan War Profiteers

David Swanson
Should We Stay or Should We Go Now?

Alexander Cockburn
Palestine: It's All Over

Website of the Day
Klamath Spring


June 3 / 4, 2006
Weekend Edition

Robert Fisk
Liberators as Murderers

James Petras
Is Latin America Really Turning Left?

Rosemary Radford Ruether
"We Have No One to Talk To:" Israel's Targeted Assassination Policy

Harry Clark
Truman and Israel: How It All Began

Jeffrey St. Clair
What a Miner's Life is Worth

Ron Ridenour
Return to Cuba

Ron Jacobs
Hand Wringing and Warfare: What Do Owe Iraq

Fred Gardner
Dr. Tashkin Makes the News

Peter Montague
The System in Crisis

John Walsh
MoveOn Rigs Its Own Vote; Betrays Its Membership

Greg Moses
Eyes of Texas: Neocon Border with Mexico Begins Next Week

Sean Donahue
Atlantica: Mainer's Won't Be Fooled Again

Mike Whitney
Swan Song for the Greenback?

Dave Patten
Final Examination

Ali Khan
Story of the Two Kings

Robert Dotson, MD
Couch Time for America

Hammond Guthrie
Revisiting Mondo Hollywood

St. Clair / D'Antoni
Playlists: What We're Listening to This Week

Poets' Basement
Bina, Engel, Ford and Landau

Website of the Day
Send Dr. Suzy Your Love


June 2, 2006

Kathy Kelly
Right Livelihood

Alan Maass
"A Mercenary Army": an Interview with Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater in New Orleans

Mickey Z.
Haditha Massacre was Inevitable

Dave Lindorff
Don't Think Twice: Bush and Rumsfeld as Ethics Advisers

Chris Kutalik
Troqueros Flex Muscles at Long Beach

Sunsara Taylor
Countdown to a Betrayal: Making Change Without Democrats

Sam Husseini
Can Pacifica Live Up to Its Promise?

Mike Ferner
More, Lots More

Website of the Day
Free Daniel McGowan!


June 1, 2006

Brian Cloughley
Haditha and the Farrago of Lies: War Crimes Start at the Top

David Peterson
Iran: a Manufactured Crisis

Lee Ballinger
Media Myths About the South: What Backlash Against the Dixie Chicks?

Jonathan Cook
Olmbert in DC: Bold Ideas and Ugly Intentions

Mike Whitney
Offers and Ultimatums: Endgaming Iran

Paul Rockwell
Smearing Ron Dellums

Clifton Ross
Millennium Blues

Kevin Zeese
Return of the Petri Dish Warriors: a New Biowar Arms Race Begins in Maryland

Website of the Day
The Monkees and Johnny Cash


May 31, 2006

Dave Lindorff
DNC Death Wish 2006: the Do Nothing Party

Joshua Frank
Al Gore, Environmental Titan?: Some Inconvenient Truths About the Ozone Man

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Stop Saying This is a Nation of Immigrants!

P. Sainath
Three Weddings and Funeral: Farmer Suicides in Vidharbha

Ramzy Baroud
On Palestinian Violence

Seth Sandronsky
The War on Nurses: a Joint Attack by US Senate and NLRB

Mickey Z.
Scapegoating Mexicans is an American Tradition

Ralph Nader
Breakaway Bases: Keeping LIttle Leaguers Safe

Jeffrey St. Clair
Dirk's Dirty Money: Gale Norton in Slacks

Website of the Day
Storm Cloud Over New Orleans


May 30, 2006

Lee Ballinger
The Real Reason Rock the Vote is Falling Apart

Jonathan Cook
Shin Bet and the Israeli Academy: Partners in Human Rights Abuses?

Gary Leupp
Now Introducing, the Office of Iranian Affairs

John Ross
Disappearing the Disappeared

Robert Jensen
The Four Fundamentalisms

Michael Dickinson
Silencing the Peace Protester of Parliament Square

Michael Carmichael
Zionist Democrats: the DLC and Israel

Tim Wise
Of Immigrants and "Real Amurkans"

Harry Browne
Ken Loach's History Lesson

Website of the Day


May 27 / 29, 2006
Weekend Edition

Paul Craig Roberts
The Evil Within

Kathleen Christison
Surrender vs. the Right to Exist

Kathy Kelly
Fear of Flowers in Iraq: a Report from

Christopher Reed
The Abominable Dr. Ishii: the Pentagon and the Japanese Mengele

Lawrence R. Velvel
The Moral Rot in Congress: a Constitutional Right to Graft?

Tom Barry
The Politics of Tom Tancredo

Gary Leupp
The Latest Neocon Lies About Iran

Col. Dan Smith
Freezing History: Iran and the Uses of "Preventive" War

Ron Jacobs
Blocking Military Ports: One, Two, Three Many Olympians

Don Fitz
EPA Goes Lead Wild: Acceptable Levels of Poisoning

Fred Gardner
What's the Matter with Oregon?

Peter Montague
Radioactive Troika: Bush, the Nuclear Power Industry and the New York Times

Raymond Garcia
Teens as Political Scapegoats

John Farley
Euston Manifesto: the Latest Gameplan from the Pro-Imperialist Left

Seth Sandronsky
Mexico After NAFTA: the Washington Post's Trouble with Numbers

Tia Steele
A Gold Star Mother's Memorial Day Plea

Lenni Brenner
"Howl", 50 Years Later: Allen Ginsberg's Silly Liberal Politics

Dr. Susan Block
God Has Sex, Makes Big Box Office

Scott Michael Perey
An Open Letter to Bono: Why are You Financing a Video Game Promoting the Invasion of Venezuela?

Jeffrey St. Clair
Playlist: Please Help Hilton Ruiz

Poets' Basement
Davies, Smith-Ferri, Mickey Z,, Buknatski, and Engel

Recipe of the Weekend
Impeach-Mint Punch

Website of the Weekend
Trojan Syndrome


May 26, 2006

Col. Douglas MacGregor
Fire the Generals!: the Failure of Military Leadership in Iraq

Brian J. Foley
Who Will Stand Up to Bush's Drive to Attack Iran?

Michael Dickinson
Mining Glaciers: Water or Gold?

Missy Comley Beattie
Stuck in a Cake-Walk War

Pierre Tristam
The Few, the Proud, the Murderers

Joe Allen
Put a Disclaimer on the Bible, Not the Da Vinci Code

Kona Lowell
Thank You, Fox News

Roger Burbach
Bush Targets Chavez and Morales

Website of the Day
Women Resisting War from Within


May 25, 2006

Les AuCoin
Faith-Based Missile Defense: the Folly of Star Wars

Jeff Halper
Countdown to Apartheid

Dave Lindorff
Bombing Without Regrets

Ron Jacobs
Voting Rights and Multilingual Ballots

Bob Wing
Finding Common Ground in New Orleans: an Interview with Malik Rahim

Elise Gould
College Grads Face Weak Labor Market

Robert Bryce
Iraq's Fuel Crisis

Website of the Day
Oh Lay!


May 24, 2006

Michael Donnelly
Operation Backfire: Criminalizing Eco-Dissent

Patrick Cockburn
Why the US May Have to Quit Iraq Sooner Than It Planned

Lucinda Marshall
Involuntary Motherhood: the Cacophony Over RU 486

Dave Lindorff
A Winning Impeachment Argument

Shmuel Rosner
Israeli Advice on Wall-Building: Be Ruthless

Moshe Adler
The Promised Land: Immigration, Israeli Style

Heather Gray
Land Reform and American Agriculture

Pratyush Chandra
Angels and Demons in Nepal

Paul Craig Roberts
In Memoriam: Lloyd Bentsen

Floyd Rudmin
Why Does the NSA Engage in Mass Surveillanc of Americans?

Website of the Day
Presentensing the Future


May 23, 2006

Paul Craig Roberts
Paranoia as Policy: How Bush Brewed the Iran Crisis

Sharon Smith
Shooting to Kill on the Border

Sunsara Taylor
Meet the New Christian Conquistadors: Ron Luce's Holy Warriors

Joel Whitney
The Most Tenacious Man on Capitol Hill?: an Interview with John Conyers

Alice Cherbonnier
Total Information Awareness for Whom? FOIA, the Press and the Spooks

Ron Jacobs
Optimism of the Will

Kristen Ess
The Crisis for Palestinian Political Prisoners

Patrick Cockburn
Which is the Real Iraq?

Website of the Day
Pearl Jam: Life Wasted



Subscribe Online

Weekend Edition
June 10 / 11, 2006

Israeli Court Finds US-Born, Mad-Dog Prof Guilty of Lbeling CounterPuncher Neve Gordon

Judge Nails "Holocaust-Denier" Smear


Haifa University economist Steven Plaut was convicted last week of libeling a fellow academic [and CounterPuncher], Neve Gordon of Ben-Gurion University's Department of Politics and Government, and ordered to pay the plaintiff NIS 80,000(aprox. $18,600) in compensation plus NIS 15,000 (approx. $3,500) in legal fees.

Plaut, who teaches in the Graduate School of Business Administration, has called Gordon a "fanatic anti-Semite" and a "Judenrat wannabe." Such statements overstep the bounds of free speech and constitute libel, Nazareth Magistrate's Court Judge Reem Naddaf ruled last week.

Plaut, 55, is originally from Philadelphia. He received his doctorate from Princeton University before immigrating to Israel in 1981. Besides his academic work in economics, he publishes scathing, right-wing commentaries in several print and online publications.

Gordon, 41, is a third-generation Israeli and left-wing activist who completed a Ph.D. at Notre Dame University and began teaching at Ben-Gurion University (BGU) in 1999.

Judge Naddaf emphasized in her ruling that the court's role was not to adjudicate opposing political views but rather to decide whether Plaut's published remarks about Gordon were libelous. In her decision, the judge reviewed several of Plaut's articles and wrote that Plaut did cross the "red line" between legitimate criticism and unlawful defamation of character.

Plaut plans to appeal the verdict and is thus reluctant to discuss the case. "Because it will go to appeal, I prefer not to go into detail about it," he explains. "I will just say that the judgment amounts to selective protection of freedom of speech in Israel, under which the most outrageous and even illegal behavior and statements made by anti-Israel extremists is always protected speech while denunciation of the public political activities and behavior of such people is deemed 'libel.'"

Earlier in the proceedings, Plaut unsuccessfully appealed against convening the trial in Nazareth, where there is a greater likelihood of an Arab judge presiding. "Neither defendant nor claimant live in the Nazareth region," he notes. His attorney, Haim Misgav, argued that Gordon had "shopped" for a sympathetic forum for his case. But Gordon explains that he filed his lawsuit in Nazareth primarily because it was the most convenient venue for his attorney, Farid Ghanem, who does almost all of his court work in Nazareth. The notion that an Arab judge would be automatically biased speaks volumes about Plaut's illiberal worldview, Gordon suggests.

'Jews for Hitler'

One of Plaut's articles, published in 2001 and still posted on the Internet (conservativetruth.org), is entitled "Haaretz promotes the 'Jews for Hitler.'" It was a response to Gordon's review in Haaretz of Norman Finkelstein's book, "The Holocaust Industry." The judge ruled that the article's title clearly implies that Gordon is a "Jew for Hitler" and that this constitutes libel.

Judge Naddaf ruled similarly regarding Plaut's article "Judenrat for Peace," describing Gordon's visit to "his guru Yasser Arafat" in Ramallah in 2002. Plaut writes: "You might want to mention the antics of Comrade Neve to anyone you know who is considering making a donation to Ben-Gurion University."

The third example cited in the ruling is a sarcastic "condolence" e-mail Gordon received following the IDF's targeted attack against Hamas bomb-maker Mohammed Def in September 2002. Gordon traced the message to the "Kahane Lives" Website, where an op-ed appears under Plaut's byline, entitled: "Urgent! Send Out a Condolence Note to an Israeli Leftist!" Gordon's e-mail address is listed among those of other left-wing academics.

Plaut told the court he did not write this message but merely forwarded it to others "as a citation," clearly indicating that he was not the author. The judge ruled that no proof of Plaut's authorship had been established, but that he was guilty of libel nonetheless because he disseminated the message. This ruling particularly riles Plaut: "A sarcastic piece mocking the political views of some people, which I did not write, was grounds for ordering me to pay Gordon damages because I had passed it on to others! Really!' "

No apology

Gordon says his decision to sue Plaut came after his department head returned from meetings in the U.S. with supporters of BGU who had asked him: "Who is this Neve Gordon, the Holocaust denier, who teaches with you at the university?" According to Gordon, Plaut was orchestrating a campaign - including letters to donors and members of the university's appointments committee - aimed at blacklisting him and denying him tenure.

The use of the Holocaust motif against him was a decisive factor in Gordon's decision to litigate. "Once someone is labeled as a Holocaust denier that person becomes illegitimate, and rightly so," he explains. "Israeli society tolerates a relatively wide range of political views and that is why Plaut had to resort to this Holocaust mechanism to try to shut me down," Gordon says.

In his affidavit to the court, Gordon noted that he served in the Paratroopers' and was seriously wounded during a battle at Rosh Hanikra in 1986, leaving him with a 42 percent disability. "This is an important fact because it demonstrates the depth, seriousness and severity of the injury that the defendant has inflicted upon me through his publications," he says.

While pleased by the "strong" ruling the judge delivered last week, Gordon has one major disappointment. "We requested a certain sum of money, and not less important, we requested an apology in all of the places where his articles appeared. And for some reason, the judge decided not to address this in her ruling." If there is an appeal, the district court might add this, he hopes.

Ira Moskowitz writes for Ha'aretz.






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